I am founder and Chairman of “BREAD OF LIFE CHILDREN’S CHARITABLE TRUST” in India, My age is 57 years. I was blessed with a wife Viswa Santhi and gifted by 3 female children, eldest one is Priscilla (Anusha) and Second one is Rebecca (Sirisha) and the youngest is Kezia (Madhusha) who passed away on September 15, 2017.

Our ministry was first BREAD OF LIFE CHILDREN’S MINISTRIES AND CHILDREN HOME. So far five batches have been completed. The process of changes began when the children were being ministered to in the sixth batch of November-2022.

“BREAD OF LIFE CHILDREN’S CHARITABLE TRUST” registered in the Sub-Registrar Office on November 2nd 2022.

Trust has 26 objectives.

1) To provide education and financial facilities to the poor pupils who obtained good marks in 7th class, 10th Class, Inter, Degree and Engineering and Medicine students who obtained ranks. To provide financial assistance for the needy in appearing for Civil Services and other competitive examinations. For providing and arranging Food, Clothes, shelter, education, medical aid and other reliefs and supports to the needy, less privileged, Orphans, oppressed persons, children and women, aged or sick of all communities and beliefs.

2) To encourage social, traditional activities irrespective of caste, creed and community to uplift the citizens.

3) To arrange for donating, providing and/or distributing daily use articles and necessities such as Food, Clothing, medicines, medical aid to the victims of natural calamities such as to the Street children and sufferers during floods, epidemics, earth quakes, famine, fire etc. conditions.

4) To promote Education and to establish Schools/Colleges/Institutions in different parts of the country on the lines of emulation -worthy unique models set up by worthy institutions aiming at bringing about radical change in the concept and quality of education for the good of the public through experienced Teachers, Professors etc.,

5) To set up Children’s Homes, Student Homes, Hostels, Training Centers, Centers for the blind, deaf and dumb, invalids’Home, asylums for the
handicapped and Community Homes, Old age Homes, Orphanages and to promote Social Welfare Activities.

6) To Publish or cause to be published literatures, papers, Magazines and books on various subjects and in various languages which are useful and beneficial to the public.

7) To promote, develop and encourage advancement of literacy, cultural and Spiritual Education, Computer Training and Education and aim at eradication of illiteracy, creating awareness relating to the ever-growing uses, utilities, benefits of computer/ Information Technology based development/ innovations, internet and NetworkServices beneficial to the Public.

8) For providing employment opportunities in private sector Organizations for the unemployed.

9) To provide honorariums and Awards for the well-versed persons who sacrifice their career to the public as well as to the humanity.

10) To promote learning spreading and propagating in conducting Medical camps, YOGA, Homoeopathy, Ayurvedic and other model of various other scientific methods/ systems of healing including Acupuncture, Metal Therapy, Magnetic Therapy and Pyramid effects.

11) To arrange and organize Lecture -sessions, discussions, debates, seminars, training camps, workshop sessions, study-workshops, excursions, tours / sightseeing to places/centers/ stations/locations for inculcating National Integration spirit for understanding historical/geographical importance, fulfilling cultural interests, for diffusion of knowledge and for education both for spiritual and academic benefit of the public.

12) To arrange for setting up and maintaining centers learning/imparting courses for Homoeopathy practice, Ayurvedic/other systems such as Acupuncture, Pyramid effects, Metal Therapy, Magnetic -Therapy and other scientific systems/methods of healing for proper up keeping of health YOGA Training, Medication, Initiations, handicrafts Painting, Music, Dance, Dress Making and Designing, interior Decoration, Screen Printing, Software and Hardware (Computer Training), Radio & TV (Repairing) and other self-employment subjects particularly to the needy and the less-privileged and the handicapped for their advancement.

13) To encourage the curricular activities of Sportsman and physically handicapped persons and to provide remunerations etc.,

14) To promote the learning of uses/development of solar and other non-conventional energy sources, bio-gas plants and their applications on wide scale for rural development and back ward regions.

15) To promote interest in/development of Agriculture, Orchid Plantations, Flowers / Oil- seeds Plants medicinal plants growth, animal husbandry, Poultry farming, research for high-yield superior grade seeds development, dairy farms, development for augmenting the efforts of the small farmers and rural development.

16) To conduct programs for promoting awareness against the social evils, blind beliefs by providing social awareness.

17) To arrange programs, seminars, public talks, project slides and to create awareness in the public and soliciting their support, active and voluntary co-operation for fighting AIDS and for checking on AIDS, if it is spreading fast in the Society, with the public interest.

18) To aim at setting up and to maintain, organize, equip, support hospitals, mobile medical centers/dispensaries, maternity homes and conduct medical camps periodically for rendering medical aid to the needy and the less privileged People.

19) To aim at setting up libraries, mobile books-lending Libraries and canvass for inculcating books reading habit so vital for developing tolerance, broadening vision and become knowledgeable for the benefit of the public.

20) To aim at setting up, equip, maintain and support cultural, Service Associations for the development of fine Arts, literature, hostels, rest houses, Yatrinivas, community halls, libraries, reading rooms, study centers, centers for imparting training and encouraging Sports and Games including Cricket, Chess, Swimming and Karate, Judo, Kung-Fu and their techniques for self-defense and set up other social service centers for the wellness of the public.

21) To contemplate plan, promote and embark upon taking up projects for housing for the needy and less privileged and to launch Community Development Projects.

22) To affiliate, launch, manage Service Societies/Associations, donate, raise funds, receive, donate or finance and co-operate with other Associations/Societies, including various other PhilanthropicOrganizations and NGO.s, striving for fulfillment of any or some or all the objects similar to those mentioned above, including seeking honorary services and guidance of Medical Practitioners, patrons, social workers, Organizations etc., for the fulfillment of our objectives.

23) To cater for and provide means for promotion and advancement of the objectives mentioned above.

24) To achieve all such activities as are incidental and conducive to the attainment of the above objectives or any of them.

25) To establish and maintain and/or support and endorse the Places of religious Worship for the fulfillment of religious and Spiritual needs of the public at large and public places, Homes, Dharmashalas, Rest Homes, Homes for the Orphans and Widows, to the needy and the less privileged, Kalian Mandapams, Street/Mahila Kalyan Samithis of every nature and/or similar Centers, DhyanaKendras, Meditation Centers and support them by grant in Cash or kind.

26) to run general and spiritual educational institutions and prepare, publish and support for publishing the books and texts and train people to impart higher education, true spirituality and to promote peace and religious harmony.

Now we do work. India has the highest burden of malnutrition in the WORLD! We have to act! Every 25 seconds, a child under 5 dies mostly due to a preventable cause such as malnutrition. We could save every single one of those children, they don’t have to die! There are more than 200 children in villages that we want to feed. If it is the will of God more children may be taken into account. We currently have 25 children living with us who need FOOD, CLOTHING and EDUCATION. Please contribute to the future of our country by sponsoring a child for just $50/month to enable holistic development of underprivileged children that gives them access to education, food, shelter, clothes and health care. We want to increase the number but we are unable due to lack of resources.
We support their spiritual growth through Sunday school.
We support their clothing, books, stationary and school bags.
We support them for transportation for school.
This is very hard work for feeding. Total 25 children and 10 widows. Each child $50 per month. 10 widows.. Each widow $ 75 per month. Please keep in your prayers about my ministries needs.

“BREAD OF LIFE CHILDREN’S CHARITABLE TRUST” Children is the way of showing Christ’s love and mercy to the world. We have 25 children and they are all school going children. We support their education through schooling according to JAMES 1:27